My, How Time Flies

Seems like just a couple of days ago I was 50.

And then a couple of days before then I was 40.

Time doesn’t show favorites to anyone. It effortlessly keeps profound perfection as it moves through our universe. Undisrupted by none, from the least to the greatest. Doesn’t everyone wish they could pause a few moments to indulge in the moment?

A friend and neighbor passed away last night and he was not yet 50. Time is so short when you think about it. One day you’re here and the next you’re gone. One day we’ll all have to face the wrecklessness of time. Yes I spelled it wrong, but on purpose. Many times, time, is like a train wreck. Or a car wreck. It is sometimes just a wreck.

In this short page I say:

Take time to be special to someone. It only takes a kind word for many to receive a good feeling from you.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and Season Greetings to everyone.

My Bahamas

It’s Cool Outside!!

Here in the Bahamas we don’t exactly feel much cool weather. This past week and last night we had a “cool change”. Brisk winds and a few brief showers has left us with a little wintery blast.

One day I hope all my fans and friends can visit us here on our small little piece of paradise. Spanish Wells is only 2 miles long and 1/2 mile wide but connected to Russells Island which is somewhat bigger, by a small, one lane, bridge. There are many things, though, to do here. If you like nature, we have land nature and water nature. There are many guides to help you choose an adventure. From just a relaxing day at the beach to a nice, scenic drive to see Eleuthera and all it’s nature.

Remember, I’m in the Bahamas, a Great place to visit…

By the Beach…
The infamous “conch shell”

Are we getting Cooler??

Seems as though our Sunny Bahamas may get a cool down this weekend. As we watch and try to keep up with the everchanging weather, it just seems to change again.

This weekend is forecast to be really cool. Maybe in the Sunny 50’s. Although as the cold fronts drift South and East and bring a few clouds in, it still seems to be a Golden Lining at the end of every passing front. Oh yes, it’s still cool, but that freshly warm glow of Sunshine makes everything feel “Bahamery”.(If that’s a word).

If you’ve never witnessed this cool, warm feeling come and visit and feel for yourself. We would love to host you into the Cool Warm and a New Norm,(so to speak).

Approaching Cold Front. Lonnie Johnson

Look at that rainbow in the foreground of the front.

Sometimes a day or so looks like this…
Then, soon after, back to beauty…