I’m Still Here

Beauty in the Bahamas

We figured out that everyone likes pretty things. Trinkets, treasures and, oh, Conch Shells. I am sharing my treasures with you here, now. Beautiful Conch Shells. In their natural environment they certainly don’t look like this. So, not just a tasteful delicacy, but a beautiful treasure.

My, How Time Flies

In all life’s travels be a comforter to those around you. In some small way keep the breath of life flowing in the world of those we meet with words of kindness.
In life’s struggles, be a helping hand to those in need. You never know when someone will pay it forward…

It’s Cool Outside!!

Here in the Bahamas we don’t exactly feel much cool weather. This past week and last night we had a “cool change”. Brisk winds and a few brief showers has left us with a little wintery blast. One day I hope all my fans and friends can visit us here on our small little piece… Continue reading It’s Cool Outside!!

the perception of “GOODNESS”

Ever wonder why when “goodness” is mentioned we think of ones’ character? Me too. There are so many aspects of things in the world that we can call “good”. In the next few short lines I’m going to carry you to some “good” things that you may have never thought of as being “good”. Along… Continue reading the perception of “GOODNESS”

About Me

Hi, I’m Lonnie. I live in the Bahamas. Where the sun and fun begins, carries on and never ends. Come and join my blog as we venture into the many aspects of Bahamian Life.

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Getting rid of the blues:

But why? In the Bahamas, “blue” is almost mandatory for the aquatic traveler. Off in the boat, we often rely on those beautiful colors to direct our travels. From the deep ocean blue to the almost loss of blue close to the shoreline, we can determine the depth of the water by the depth of the blue. Come to our Bahamas and experience all of these blues firsthand.

Consistently Blue

All this information is helpful. Need some more info? Join my blog and send a request for what you need to know about the Bahamas.

Now we can have fun. The Summer is just about over but the seasonal holidays are just beginning. Have a great time. #Bahamas

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